Rigging Toolbox

A collection of production relevant tools
to build character pipelines with Fabric Engine.

A Complete Production Framework

Fabric Engine is a development framework that reduces the cost and risk of building high-performance custom tools.

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Empower TDs with GPU Speed

Fabric enables a TD to write applications that take full advantage of modern hardware. In this video you can see how Fabric can transparently use the GPU for computation, giving massive performance gains without requiring any changes.

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Write Once, Deploy Everywhere

Fabric means that your R&D is no longer tied to a particular application. You can run your custom Fabric tools in our standalone framework, or within any Spliced application (including Maya, 3DS Max and Softimage).

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Build a Wide Range of Tools

Fabric is a platform, not an application. This means we want to support all kinds of projects, including open-source initiatives. Kraken is an open-source rigging framework being built on top of Fabric Engine.

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Fabric Fifty

Fifty permanent licenses of Fabric for your studio, free, no strings attached. Find out more

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